International Mini Meeting 2021
20-23 May 2021 • Florence – Tuscany

Festival Location

Event Area - Villa Montalvo

The event area of Villa Montalvo is a large equipped area just 8 km from the center of Florence, it is located in the metropolitan area of Florence in an easily accessible point, the exit from the road is 1 km, and has many large hotels in its vicinity, next to the event area, famous for beer festivals, concerts and political conventions, you can find the largest spa in Tuscany, which is only 10 meters from the event area. The park is fully illuminated, has light and water connections, bathrooms in masonry structures, and will be completely fenced, and watched over for the event.

The campsite will have its own entrance and exit, those staying in the campsite will have free access to the event, while day tickets will not be able to enter the camping area. The camper area will be concentrated in one point of the campsite. There will be many stands for food, beer, wine and local products tasting, there will be markets of spare parts and accessories, food market and made in Italy products. The large party area called la Vela can accommodate up to 8000 people under its structure and is equipped with a large stage and sets for parties and concerts.

Camping Area
Party Area for events
Luna Park
Beer and Wine
Car Repair
Mini Test Drive
Market and Covered Market

The Metropolitan Area of Florence

The metropolitan area of Florence counts with the nearby city of Prato and Pistoia about 3 million inhabitants, out of the 4.5 that has the entire region, a few kilometers away are the factories of Gucci and Ferragamo and Prada, and many large shopping centers.
In Florence will be used a square in the city for parking the MINI so you can go to Florence every day to see the beauties of the city, another solution is about 2 km, where you can park your car and with the subway to the city center in 15 minutes.
You can also get to Florence by regular city buses.