Complementary rules for international Mini Meeting 2023


The following regulations will be in effect during International Mini Meeting 2023 which takes place on NORCENNI GIRASOLE camping.

  1. Only the cars with a full-registration are able to drive in and stay in the camping site.
  2. When entering event’s area an organizer will provide identification bracelet to all participants and identification sticker to all vehicles. Participants must wear a bracelet during the event at all times. The sticker must be placed on a vehicle in a visible place at all times.
  3. When registering, the vehicle (mini, camper, normal car) with which you arrive at imm2023 must be specified, for the assignment of pitches, parking lots, if finished it will not be possible to come to IMM2023, therefore we ask you to communicate the vehicle to registration with which you come, we remind you that IMM2023 is a Mini event, please come by this means, the camper areas are limited in number. Upon reaching the area quotas, the organization reserves the right to close the registrations for these areas, or close all imm2023 to new registrations.
  4. Everyone must follow the organizer’s or security’s instructions. In case of abuse, fraud, illegal entrance, endanger of other’s physical well-being or safety of the event, relevant persons will be seen off the event territory.
  5. At the event, Italian traffic regulations will have to be regarded. The speed limit in the camping area should not exceed 5km/h.
  6. It is prohibited to drive under the influence of alcohol at all times.
  7. Any type of drugs will not be tolerated on the campsite during the event.
  8. Pets are allowed on the campsite as long as they are on the leading-rein. Also, you must be sure and fully responsible your pet won’t make any trouble. Note, that there would be other pets and small children on the campsite.
  9. It is forbidden to make an open fire within event territory.
  10. There will be one main entrance/exit to the campsite. Please follow the traffic directions and signs within camping area.
  11. The pedestrians will have a separate entrance/exit to the campsite.
  12. During the event campsite will be divided into several sections. There will be a main camping, the camping area for campers, caravans and motor homes.
  13. The event is held only for registered members. Participation will be possible exclusively after registration and payment is made.
  14. During the event the loud and noisy activities are allowed only in the party area. No noise or loud music in the camping site from 22.00-10.00
  15. You might encounter wild animals on the camping site (e.g. Roes, fox, rabbits ) Please do not feed or chase them!
  16. Please assort the refuse and throw them away into appropriate containers.
  17. Please use WC and not the camping site whenever nature will call you! We also ask to keep WC and showers as clean as possible and to leave them the way you would like to find them.
  18. Your regular car insurance will be valid in the camping area.
  19. Event’s participants are responsible for their personal belongings.
  20. You are not allowed to sell anything on the campsite if you don’t have a contract with organizer. We ask you to accept these regulations and follow them during the event so we can guarantee a ordered, safe and pleasant stay in imm2023 campsite. Thank you for your acceptance and cooperation.
  21. If Imm2021 were moved for Covid to 2023, the accommodations will be reimbursed, upon request by email, No later than December 2021. Entrance  according to the current law,  will be replaced by vouchers for imm2023 (your entrance will be valid for IMM2023). People who have confirmed their entrance will be contacted via email in the first months of registration by the organizers.

    We remind you that the offer for those who were present at IMM2013 expires on 20 December 2020, those who have not contacted the organisers by that date or have not paid the special entrance reserved for them, cannot then ask to reactivate this option, and will be able to participate a imm only with the regular entrance. Anyone in possession of a free 2013 entrance must in any case confirm their presence at IMM2023 no later than 28 February 2023. In the event of failure to confirm even with the entrances received, the 2013/2023 entrance will be cancelled.