IMM2023 special HU CAMPING offert for IMM2021 tickets

Dear friend, the campsite has for you who already have IMM 2021 tickets an incredible offer that includes a 40% discount and if you bring new people with you the campsite will pay for the tickets for them, below the EMAIL that has been sent to everyone holders of Imm2021 ticket and imm2021 ticket for those who were present in 2013. Click on the email link and book, by doing so you will not only have a comfortable solution for a great imm, all mobile homes have sheets, towels, kitchen and dishes, bathroom and air conditioning are obviously included. This option ends at the end of July, and if you join you will receive the new tickets automatically in from October  2022 without having to do anything else.


To make your booking, you just have to follow this link :

It will take you to the dedicated booking page for all friends who had previously booked the meetings which didn’t take place due to the pandemic.

Once on the booking page, select the dates you wish to book; please note that the dates 25 – 29 may 2023 are mandatory, and that you can extend your holiday before and after the meeting dates.

We have reserved our mobile homes type Easy and dedicated them to the preview bookings, with a special 40% discount, in order guarantee availability to those who had already booked for the previous events : please remember that the preview booking lasts until 30 July,  and that after this date we cannot guarantee any availability nor discount. Don’t wait and don’t miss this opportunity!!!!