Frequently Asked Questions

the person will have to fill out the form on the website www.imm2021.it by December 2020 in order to receive a free ticket. However, there will be a registration fee of about 10 euros per person. It will include all the services of the imm listed above, in addition to a special t-shirt reserved for 2013 participants. This TICKET will have to be confirmed for 2023, we will send you an email with the confirmation request in December 2022 and January 2023, those who do not respond by February 2023 will have their imm2013 ticket canceled. This is due to the fact that each person who does not take away space for those who want to come and it seems logical to ask for, We invite holders of this ticket to take advantage of the mobile home option at 40% at the following link: (entering the dates 25-29 May)


The best way to contact organizers is to send an email to info@imm2023.it. Also please check the contact's section for specific names of our staff.

Yes, there will be a Mini market on the grounds where you will be able to buy Mini spares, mini related gadgets and other goods including many Italian products, especially wide range of food and wine products.

The list of traders will be updated as we receive confirmations.

Yes, please register by contacting info@imm2023.it

Yes, please register by contacting info@imm2023.it

The basic registration fee grants a tent and a car or camper space for 4 nights. If you wish to have more comfortable solution please visit the accommodation page about the many solutions that the campsite offers, we recommend everyone to use one of these solutions which also has a private bathroom. Outside the camping you can find villa la palagina and many hotels and B & Bs and farmhouses, contact us for the addresses

The event and camping area is pet-friendly so your four legged friends are also welcome as long as they are well-behaved. Please make sure that you will bring everything necessary for their health and safety (as well as the safety of all other participants)

The registration fee is set to €69,00. This includes series of services as well as the tent space. Unfortunately we cannot charge any less than € 69,00

Yes, there is a gas station near the campisite

Yes, the first-aid center will be clearly marked and will be operating during the event.