Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may; before coming please send us an email explaining what do you wish to bring exactly so we can select an appropriate parking area for you. For traffic reasons we will try to keep all similar vehicles in areas which are easily reachable.

Yes, but only for loading and unloading.

it is forbidden to make fires or use barbeque equipment

IMM2021 campsite will have a dedicated place to get rid of the waste water and the contents of the biological toilets as well.

Lost & Found desk will be available at the reception.

The best way to find all information is by visiting the official IMM2021.it website or to join us on Facebook page. If you have any questions for which you stilldidn't find an answer in the FAQ, please send an email to info@imm2021.it

there is an info point inside the event, where you can also sign up for tours and various events or ask for information

Mechanics will be available on site. They will be able to help with basic things.

There are both chemical toilets and normal toilets and showers, please leave them clean, and report any problems to the info point,

There is a security service and you must always obey their recommendations, the camping area is fenced and guarded as other event areas. People outside the campsite can not enter the camping area.