Frequently Asked Questions

Italian Standard Time (IST) is European Time Zone and it corresponds to UTC/GMT +1:00 hour. 

There is no tipping in Italy. Customers pay the exact amount that appears on the bill. Italy has a 22% consumer tax nationwide on all goods and services . All published prices (including restaurant menus, taxi fares, supermarket prices) include consumer tax.

In Italy the official drive is right hand drive. RHD.

Yes, it is necessary to pay at highway tolls.

AC line (main) voltage in Italy is 220 volts nationwide and AC frequency is 50 Hz. Power outlets are flat, parallel 2-prongs identical to North America.

Here is a normal Italian power socket. In order to access it you will need an adapter that connects to a typical American power plug, please find the adapter shown below. This is an example of what you will find in a Hotel; the same size is also what you will have in the camping area (if you have requested for electricity)

Visitors from EU countries must have a valid national ID card to enter Italy. Visitors from other countries must have a valid passport.

Entering Italy

All foreigners intending to enter Italy must provide the documentation required to justify the reasons and duration of their stay as well as (in some prescribed cases) the availability of adequate economic means and lodging. In some cases you will need a visa, application for which can be made at the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Representations in your country of residence.

In that case that the event will be postponed to July 2021, people needing a refund will have two weeks from the announcement date to communicate their decision to get their money back.
In that case that due to covid pandemy, the organizers will have to postpone the event to 2023, your voucher will be valid for the IMM2023. All confirmed will be contacted for 2023 as soon as the site opens for new accommodations.

We have selected a very large Camping, with maximum safety and hygiene, this to guarantee all of you a top accommodation, we remind you that the tent places will be limited due to confirmed 2021 reservations, and we invite everyone to use the solutions in Bungalow, house, chalet, safari tent, these solutions will not only be inexpensive but will include the imm2023 ticket offered for you by the HU group, in a nutshell you can have a bungalow with 2 bedrooms and two private bathrooms, kitchen, for 4 people at a cost comparable to 4 IMM2023 tickets. Therefore we remind you that IMM2023 has limited places subject to availability of the campsite.