IMM FROM 2013 TO 2023

Dear friend, this form is for all the people who have had the IMM2021 ticket with the discount for their presence at IMM2013, this offer ended in December 2020 and was valid for IMM2021. We ask those who have not yet replied to the mobile Home email or have not confirmed their presence with an email, to confirm their presence by 1 August 2022, using the form opposite so that the ticket can be sent by September 2022, whoever does not respond will not be present for us at IMM2023.

All people with Ticket imm2013 / 2021 and 2021 are entitled by the end of September 22 to the incredible offer reserved for them by CAMPING, click on this offer and book your MOBILE HOME, if you choose a mobile home you do not need to fill in the form, you will have yours imm2023 ticket automatically in September 2022.

Click on the button and book and make your IMM2023 unique in full relaxation.