IMM FROM 2013 TO 2023

Dear friend, this form is for all the people who have had the IMM2021 ticket with the discount for their presence at IMM2013, this offer ended in December 2020 and was valid for IMM2021. We ask those who have not yet replied to the mobile Home email or have not confirmed their presence with an email, to confirm their presence by 1 FEBRUARY 2023, using the form opposite  whoever does not respond will not be present for us at IMM2023.

All people with Ticket imm2013 / 2021 and 2021 are entitled by the end of January 23 to the incredible offer reserved for them by CAMPING, click on this offer and book your MOBILE HOME, if you choose a mobile home you do not need to fill in the form, you will have yours imm2023 ticket automatically in check in in camping.

Click on the button and book and make your IMM2023 unique in full relaxation.



We want to make a very important communication, the IMM tickets provided for reporting who came in a motorhome, while the 2013 free tickets were clearly mini plus tent, we thank those who immediately informed when issuing the ticket that they were in a motorhome, or those who fill in the tick of the motorhomes in the tickets. Unfortunately there are people who take it for granted that they can arrive by motorhome without having reported it, first of all the places ran out months ago, the campsite has a specific number of spaces and the space is full, secondly we cannot have a MINI event with only motorhomes, we are in a campsite equipped with comfortable mobile homes, which are offered to those who already had tickets with a strong discount, precisely to remedy these solutions, and to guarantee safety and hygiene given that current times require rules that were not applicable years ago. We reiterate that the MOTORHOME seats are finished, and anyone who did not report it at the time the ticket was issued has a normal imm ticket for us, tent and entrance, if he shows up with a 7-metre motorhome, unfortunately he will not be able to enter if as written above, he did not communicate it in the correct time and manner, we invite everyone to take the comfortable mobile homes which, with little expense, guarantee 4 days of comfort, with free tickets if you want to bring new people. We remind you that IMM is a Mini and not a MotorHome event and that the areas intended for these vehicles are not next to the tent areas, and that today the spaces for these vehicles have run out, therefore if you have not communicated it and show up with a motorhome you won’t be able to let the vehicle in.

We remind Ticket 2013/2021 MINI + mini caravans are allowed, which count as a tent place,

However, we ask all 2021 ticket holders to write to us at and inform us if they are in a tent, mini + caravan, those who take the discounted mobile home option do not need to write us an email, as we can see the reservations.